Forged In Wakefield Limited Edition Chocolate Orange Gin 70cl


Orders placed by 11:59pm on 29/10/20 will also receive a free Terry’s Chocolate Orange from us…which was originally made in Yorkshire!
“Our Chocolate and Orange gin is distilled using Organic Cacao nibs and Organic Orange zest – a ridiculous amount of both!
We start the process by soaking the base alcohol in toasted organic Scottish stone rolled oats for a few hours, we then remove the oats and place the alcohol in the still. This process gives a luxurious mouthfeel and extra dimension to the flavour. Then the cacao and orange are added and distilled.
We have to distill this 3 times due to the vast amount of cacao nibs and orange zest, the still is so choc 😉 full of them that it spews the orange zest and chocolate into the output. We have to re-distill the output until we end up with the beautifully clear liquid.
We are only making 200 bottles of this expression this year.”

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