Private Shopping Appointments

Due to our current policy of only allowing one family at a time, we realise that you can sometimes feel rushed when trying to look at everything. This is especially true when there are other customers waiting outside when the weather is bad. We also recognise that some people may worry about turning up and having to queue outside as it gets colder and darker.

Our Private Shopping Appointment service is free of charge and includes;

  • Swift entry into the deli at the start of your appointment, no queuing required
  • Dedicated time to look at everything at your own pace whilst the deli is closed
  • Our undivided attention if you need any advice or have any questions, particularly useful if shopping for items on a special diet
  • The chance to sample any tasters available
Book your slot by choosing your preferred service, date and time on the calendar below, we will then confirm your appointment as soon as possible.


Please be aware that we require social distancing to be maintained, face coverings to be worn (unless exempt and/or whilst sampling products) and only for those from one household/bubble can attend at a time.